A dog is for life not just for christmas

A dog is for life not just for christmas

It`s that time of year again. Its the time of the year when rescues struggle the most. They are full to the brim with puppies and adult dogs needing homes. Some rescues are full of cats and kittens due to a number of strays and unneutered cats wondering the streets. It puts enormous pressure up on them.

Remember when getting a new animal if you choose to do so that they are in fact a long term commitment. Many cats and dogs can live as long as 15 to 20 years. They require a lot of vet care especially as they become older. They require a good nutritionally balanced diet to help them live as long as possible after all they do have a shorter life span than us humans.

Help out where you can! Many rescue are after volunteers, spare bedding food and most importantly funds. Unfortunately the bills don`t come cheap when it comes to rescues especially when most are sick. On top the basic neutering and vaccinations that are required is not cheap. We are currently supporting three small animal charities to help them through out the year. 

Harley`s hounds we currently support is a lovely animal charity that keeps all of is animals in wonderful foster homes. Having foster homes is a very good way of ensuring the dogs and cats go to the right homes, making sure the dogs are cat tested and suitable to live around children. Working out their own individual personalities is so important to make sure they go with the right family. After all whats the point in sending a lazy couch potato to a family who are very active go camping and go hiking every weekend. 

The responsible dog rescue is another charity we support. They bring dogs over from Romania that live in the most poorest conditions. In winter they live in sub zero temperatures and are often treated poorly with very little food to live off, they have a very high rate of street dogs, a lovely lady who runs this charity is housing some at her kennels. Happy dog haven providing them with a lovely warm bed, plenty of food and fresh water and all the vet care that they need. The rest of the dogs are in foster all over the UK getting the vital stuff they need to thrive and get them ready for new homes.

Luna animal rescue is another charity we support. They provide foster homes all over the UK but mainly in the south east of England. All of the animals await new homes in lovely foster homes providing them with everything they need. 

Before deciding to get a dog no matter the time of the year we want people to know the lifelong commitment and responsibility. We urge people to think about the type of the dog they want to ensure they fit in well with the family. Not to choose by appearance without taking in any research about the breed and where the dog may of come from or how it was brought up.

Sharing your life with a lovely pet or dog is a wonderful experience bringing many years of companionship and love and is a decision that should never be just for Christmas but a lifelong commitment. 

Why is Christmas a bad timing to get a new pet?

Dogs especially puppies who have been separated from litter mate and mum, will need a lot of attention and comfort to help them to settle into their new home. The majority of people are unable to provide this at a busy time just like Christmas.

For most homes across the country, Christmas is the busiest time of the year for visitors which can be very unsettling for a new dog. In fact being overwhelmed by people may even lead to behavioural problems in the future. 

It may seem obvious but if you have never had a pet you may not have considered the weeks of patients you will need. New pets in new homes require a lot of training, including toilet training, teaching dogs and cats where they need to toilet can in its self be extremely hard work. They need a lot of routine and consistency and with the busy time during Christmas this is not possible to under take. 

Pets need a loving, stable and patient owners. A calm and quite period for them to settle in at their own pace. The average dog alone lives to be approx 12 years old and it requires a lot of time commitment and money. Christmas time simply is not the time to make this commitment.

If you need help re homing your pet please get in touch with your local rescue centre to ensure you pet goes to the right home.


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