Harleys hounds animal rescue charity

Harley's hounds animal charity

Harley's Hounds Animal charity

Harley's Hounds Dog Rescue is a non-profit, charitable organisation (UK Charity register 1161902). We take in unwanted animals, and ensure they're medically treated, and prepared for their new life.

I want to talk about why we give 5% of our sales to this charity.


On 20th July 2018 I came across a beautiful dog advertised for Foster. A beautiful English Springer Spaniel named Wheat. I fell in love with her and I applied right away to foster her. 

I got her! I was so happy she is such a beautiful dog. So gentle and soft never known a springer not be very springy after all. We re named her Winnie after all she needed a cute name go with that face. 

She settled right in and was doing so well for an older springer spaniel.

Winnie unfortunately was diagnosed with cancer last year but continues on and we are beside her everyday. That's where our shop name come from.




On 17th July 2019 we come across a post from Harley's Hounds after a foster for a Labradoodle names Tessa. I applied for her and got her. She wasn't the most well behaved dog but Harley's helped us through her behavioural issues. We have now had her for 4 years and she is a great delight but extremely cheeky. We re named her Willow.


Moral of the story is they gave me 2 fantastic dogs and I'm so forever grateful to them. They help so many dogs get rehomed, get medically ready and neutered ready for new homes. Unfortunately this doesn't come free and can be costly. Which is why choose to help  them 2% will help then so much.



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