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Bugalugs - Plaque remover for cats and dogs 200g

Bugalugs - Plaque remover for cats and dogs 200g

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Bugalugs Plaque Remover Teeth Support is the perfect formula for removing plaque off dogs teeth & hardened tartar. A fast-acting double action 100% natural formula for dogs - working against bad dog breath, tartar & plaque and to maintain healthy dog teeth and gums. Bugalugs dog supplements are hand harvested and is 100% natural. Maintain healthy oral hygiene & gain a plaque-free pooch! The special blend of natural kelp seaweeds, vitamins, minerals & trace elements act as a fantastic natural way to get plaque off dogs teeth and keep dog breath fresher, vital for supporting oral hygiene & maintaining healthy gums in dogs (young & senior).

Benefits of natural seaweed include a balanced diet, plaque removal and a fantastic source of natural dog vitamins, vital for supporting healthy dog teeth and gums. With no Much easier to use than dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste, Works well with dog dental sticks and dog dental treats, and other natural dog teeth cleaning products. Bugalugs Plaque Remover for dogs is the best way to keep plaque off dogs teeth, freshen dog breath & keep their dog teeth clean!


Features & details

  • Say goodbye to dog plaque & tartar – 100% pure seaweed powder for dogs is an all-natural supplement to fight bacteria-ladened plaque & tartar build up in pets (no need for dog toothbrush or dog breath freshener spray)
  • 100% natural & cruelty free – committed to provisioning all-natural sustainable ingredients which are safe for your pet, our dog plaque remover is free of artificial colours, dyes, chemicals, synthetic ingredients
  • Freshens your dogs bad breath – rich in vitamins & minerals which act together to soften plaque on dogs teeth (works well with dog toothpaste & dog dental sticks & other dog teeth cleaning products)
  • Infused anti tartar blend - our natural irish seaweed can assist with teeth, gas & digestion. plaque off dogs teeth support your pets oral hygiene
  • Quick, simple, easy to use & mess free – sprinkle onto your dog’s food or natural dog treats, the mess free & easy to use scoop keeps things simple (no fuss or mess from dog toothpaste and brush)
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