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HERBAL DOG CO - HERBCARE LIVER - Pancreas and liver supplement

HERBAL DOG CO - HERBCARE LIVER - Pancreas and liver supplement

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  • PANCREAS & LIVER SUPPORT FOR YOUR DOG'S DIGESTION & IMMUNE SYSTEM -Natural powder dog food supplement that supports your dog's pancreas and liver. Helps with digestion, immune system, and also helps cleanse your dog's body of toxins. 1-2 month supply in each 250ml bottle.
  • IDEAL FOR DOGS RECOVERING FROM OPERATIONS – This pancreas and liver support supplement is made using all-natural, plant based ingredients: Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Chlorella, and Camu Camu Powder. Ideal for dogs recovering from an operation or on medication that causes stress to the body.
  • JUST ADD TO FOOD, NO NASTY TABLETS TO SWALLOW – Our powder formula is easy to administer, as it can be added to your dog's meals. For dogs 9kg or under, use 1 teaspoon per day. For dogs 10kg or over, use 2 teaspoons per day. To use as a treat, add to some natural yogurt. For best results take daily.
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