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Winnie's bark and purr

Natural cat nip dental sticks 30pc

Natural cat nip dental sticks 30pc

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Matatabi is the Japanese name for silver vine. Silver vine originally comes from Asia and grows there in the mountain forests of China, Japan and Korea.

It has been one of the most popular cat toys for centuries and, unlike catnip and valerian, contains a mixture of different scents, all of which have an attractive and positive effect on our domestic cats.

Scientific studies of cat stimulants showed that 1 in 3 cats do not react to catnip however 8 in 10 cats DO react to silvervine. Moreover, 75% of cats who did NOT respond to catnip had a positive reaction to silvervine! So regardless of whether or not your cat enjoys catnip, silvervine is the perfect alternative to catnip to try. Even if your cat does love catnip, they likely will have a different reaction to silvervine as well!

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