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Ace antlers- 100% deer antler powder

Ace antlers- 100% deer antler powder

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Deer Antler Powder for Dogs

brought to you by Ace Antlers

We cut a lot of deer antler, and in doing so generate a lot of powder. Antler is packed full of goodness including 40% protein and is perfect to supplement your dog's nutrition. Deer shed their antlers yearly so this product is completely natural and cruelty free!

The benefits of deer antler powder...

All our antler is locally sourced and completely natural as well as being cruelty free! Antlers are known to be fantastic as dog chews because of they are natural, rich in vitamins and minerals and tend to last longer than other treats. Whilst not indestructible they are good for gnawing, a natural behaviour of dogs.

Why antler powder?

Not all dogs can chew antlers and some owners want to control their diet's making antler powder a perfect dog food supplement.

Our antler powder comes in handy, recycleable resealable pouch for easy use. We also give you 250g of powder, a much larger amount than our competitors!

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